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Good Morning Nursery!

Your first activity today is a Reading one.

Ask your grown up to read this lovely story to you. You might want to listen to it a few times, you could help with the story telling. 

Have a chat together about the story. How does the story make you feel? Can you remember the different ways that Hedgehog and Tortoise showed that they loved each other?
Who do you love that you can't hug at the moment?

Try out one of Hedgehog and Tortoises ideas to show that person that you love them? Or maybe you could think of your own idea!


This week our topic is Bubbles so your next two activities today have a bubbly theme!


Mathematics: Number Bubble Popping- Ask your grown up to either draw some bubbles in chalk outside or cut out some large bubble shaped pieces of paper. Then randomly write the numbers 0-10 in the bubbles, one number in each bubble. Your grown up will call out a number and challenge you to "pop" the bubble with that number in it by jumping on it!
If you are finding recognising numbers 0-10 easy try the game using larger numbers. Try timing how many number bubbles you can pop in a minute, then challenge someone else in your house to play. Can they pop them as quickly as you can? When you get a chance try writing your own numbers on bubbles. 



Understanding the World: Hopefully you have some bubble mixture.

If not, just use bubble bath or fairy liquid. Now use your bubble mixture to explore and experiment with bubbles!
Do bubbles last longer in the sun or in the shade?

On a dry surface or a wet one?

Are smaller or bigger bubbles the strongest?

Can you make bubbles go underwater? Can you make them under the water?
Can a person float in a bubble? Why/why not?

What colours can you see in a bubble?


We can't wait to see your home learning over the next couple of days so don't forget to show us on Tapestry and we can share pictures on here for your Nursery friends to see. We will be sending out a couple of certificates at the end of the week to celebrate some of your home learning achievements that you share with us!