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Good Morning Nursery,

It's been a great start to our new way of home learning, well done! Take a look at the galleries to see what your friends have been busy doing so far.


For today's first activity I want you to think about bubbles...but not the ones you blow and twirl in the air before they pop!
A bubble is also another name for a little group. Think about the different bubbles that you are in. There's family bubbles, friend bubbles, club bubbles....
Who is in your house bubble? Draw a picture of everyone in your house bubble. Write your name and then have a go at writing everyone else's name on your picture.
You will find a worksheet on this page that you can print off and use if you want, or just draw your own picture.


Monday's Maths activity was practising recognising numbers. For today's activity click on the link below and practice your counting.    
Count out the cakes for teddy and when you think you have the right number, click check and see if he gobbles them up!


For your final activity you are going to blow bubbles again, but in different types of weather! Think of all the different weathers we can have, our Nursery weather chart might remind you.

What is the weather like today? Go and blow some bubbles and see what happens to them.

Do they float slowly around or are they whooshing around?

Are they lasting a long time or are they popping straight away?

If the weather is different later on or another day, go and blow some bubbles again and see what happens to them this time.

Why do you think the bubbles fly differently in different weathers?

Maybe draw pictures to show the weather and what happened to your bubbles or get your grown up to video what happens to the bubbles in different weathers.


We can't wait to see your home learning over the next couple of days so don't forget to show us on Tapestry. We will be sending out a couple of certificates at the end of the week to celebrate some of your home learning achievements that you share with us!


From Mrs Hempstead and the Nursery Team 

My House Bubble worksheet