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Wednesday 8th July

Morning everyone!


We hope you have been enjoying the challenges so far this week. It has been very interesting learning about camouflage and great fun making camouflage patterns.


Here are today’s Home Learning Challenges :-


Numeracy challenge : making 12

On Monday we looked at the number 12. Today we are going to find out different ways of making 12. Please watch this episode of Number Blocks :-


How did they make 12? You can make 12 in different ways, such as 3 groups of 4, 4 groups of 3, 2 groups of 6 or 6 groups of 2.

We call number 12 a rectangle number because we can arrange the quantities to be in the shape of a rectangle (and the numbers are not the same). Can you find any other rectangle numbers?


Literacy challenge : camouflage 

Look at the camouflage pictures on the link below. What interesting descriptions can you think of to describe the picture? What types of colours does the animal use for camouflaging? Write them down or discuss them together.


Topic challenge :  minibeast hiding places

2 weeks ago we made bug hotels and discussed different places to put them. Have a look outside – where do you think a minibeast would like to be? Where are the best hiding places for minibeasts? Is it in a shaded spot, quiet, sunny, dark, busy, damp, high, low, noisy? Would different minibeasts have different preferences? What is the best colour for a minibeast if they wanted to camouflage?


Enjoy your challenges today and remember to share all your pictures and videos with us.


Have fun!

The Reception Team.