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Friday 10th July

Morning all!


Thank you for your hard work this week everybody. We have loved getting involved with minibeasts in school and seeing your work at home.

Here are today’s challenges for Friday 10th July.


Maths challenge: Which number have we learned this week? 12! Watch this episode of numberblocks

The numberblocks talk about 2 by 2. This means 2 lots of 2. If we say there are 2 lots of something it also means we are doubling it. What number do we double to get 12? Explore different ways of making 12, using number sentences to solidify learning. If confident, practise sharing. Can we share 12 things between 2/3/4/5 people?


English challenge: What have we found out about mini beasts? Can you make your own camouflage picture? You could make your own minibeast up based on what you have learned so far.


Topic challenge: Carefully look in the mini beast homes that you made a couple weeks ago. Have any mini beasts moved in? Would a different place be better for your hotel? If you find some minibeasts, can you draw a picture of what you find?

The Reception Team x