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Children's School Council

Our School Council


School Council

An exciting development at 2022-2023 was the introduction of Sir Francis Hill’s School Council. We have previously had a School Parliament, however, we relaunched this last year.


How it works?

Children from Y1-Y6 are involved in school council.

The key ideas for School Council:  

  • In Years 3-6, the role is ‘split’ into two, ‘Leaders of Learning’ and ‘Champions of change’.
  • In KS1, there is one representative in each class. 
  • The representatives have been voted for by members of their own class. 
  • We will hold meetings once per month.


What we want members of the Council to do?

  • Be ambassadors for the school at important events.
  • Identify what your class thinks about issues and give feedback at meetings.
  • Improve parts of the school that are a priority.
  • Help organise events.
  • Decide on action points for improvements.


What qualities we are looking for?

Commitment to the school

Attendance at all meetings



Able to communicate well with
children and adults

Have initiative

Be a good listener!

Leaders of Learning

Champions of Change

  • Made up of Members of KS2 – One from each class
  • Seeing the process of Lesson Planning – sitting in on a PPA to see how a lesson is planned (taking active role in learning)
  • Surveys to children on learning (Using Microsoft Forms) What is happening in Year Groups? What do the children really like? What do they not like?
  • Looking at how each year group is represented in school? Are year groups evidence around school? How? (Including Learning walks)
  • Contributing to Newsletter for parents
  • Book Looks to see what is being learnt
  • Present findings in Assemblies


  • KS1 and KS2 – a member from each class
  • Being the main feedback to the class
  • Designing questionnaires for the children
  • Outdoor areas – playgrounds.
  • Looking for improvements and strengths within and around school.
  • Contributing to Newsletter for parents
  • Present findings in Assemblies etc
  • Organising events etc


Our Assembly to Introduce the new School Council