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Week 12 - 8th June

Friday 12th June

Good Morning everyone!

Thank you to everyone for engaging so well with these challenges, we hope you have enjoyed them. This week has been a bit strange for sure, but we have loved seeing some of our amazing children again. Here are your challenges for Friday 12th June.

Maths Challenge

Work with an adult or older sibling.

They say a number out loud, and you shout back the number which is one more, can you do this 10 times? Can you challenge yourself and also say what you think one less might be?


Literacy Challenge

Read a Mr. Men story if you have one, or watch a video on You tube

We want you to make your own Mr Man/Woman character. How would your character make others happy? What would their name be? Write about it.


Topic Challenge

Teach an adult in your home how to wash their hands properly.

See if you can remember what you were taught before school closed.


Thank you!

The Reception Team

Wednesday 10th June.


Good morning everyone, 

We hope you are all enjoying the challenges this week. You all look like you have been having fun in your learning. It has been great to see some of your amazing work. Thank you for putting your pictures and videos on tapestry. We love to see them. 


Here are today’s challenges: 


Numeracy: Number Snap 

Make a game of number snap using the numbers 1-10, 1-15 or 1-20 depending on ability. Remember to make 2 sets of cards and then shuffle all the cards together.  Share the cards out evenly between 2 players. Play with an adult or an older sibling. Remember to take turns. Once you have finished playing, you could order the cards in order starting with the smallest number first up to the largest. To challenge yourself, you could order the cards starting with the largest number first and finishing with the smallest. 


Literacy: Happy Superhero drawing 

First think about what sort of superhero you would like to be and then draw yourself. Think about how colourful your outfit might be and what superpowers you would need to make someone in your family happy. You might have rainbows shooting from your eyes, love hearts coming out of your ears or speak in a funny voice. The more creative and funnier the better! 


Topic: DIY Bubble Blower 

Make a bubble blower wand from things you can find around your house e.g. pipe cleaners, sticks, straws etc. Dip your wand in washing up liquid solution and then blow. See if you can blow a really big bubble.  Please remember to wash your hands after this task. 


Have fun with all your challenges this week and don’t forget to post them on tapestry so we can see what amazing things you have been doing. 


Stay safe everyone. 

The Reception Team  



Animated Book About Emotions & Kids Feelings ♥ How Do You Feel? by Anthony Browne 📖

How Do You Feel by Anthony Browne is a wonderful childrens' book that encourages little ones to think about their emotions. This animated version of the stor...

Hello everybody!

This week we are talking about where we are and how we feel. We understand that children are going through lots of strange changes, whether they are in school or not, so we would like everyone to engage with this.  Please check this page or your Tapestry account for daily challenges. The weekly topic web is found below.

Thank you!

Reception Team x


Here are our challenges for Monday 8th June.

Please share how you get on as we’d love to see!

Maths - Put your teddies and toys in a large circle. Count out loud how many there are. Count backwards to zero again.  

English -  Fred Talk words that make you happy e.g. mum, dad, sun etc and write them down. 

Topic - Make your home out of building blocks, lego etc.  


Week 12 - PSHE Emotions