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Online Safety for Parents

Online Safety Information for Parents/Carers


‘Wake Up Wednesday' - What parents/carers need to know Guides

Welcome to our ‘online safety’ advice, guidance and support page, ‘Wake Up Wednesday - what parents / carers need to know’. We will regularly post articles of interest to this page that should help you and your child. 

Children regularly use different websites and apps from their parents / carers, and it can be hard to keep up in this ever-changing digital world. But the things that help keep children safe online are often similar to the things that keep them safe offline.

Encourage your child to think critically and question what they see online. Talk to them about where they go to get information they trust, talk about fake news, fake followers and scams. Help them develop a healthy suspicion of whether people are who they say they are.  

Share your knowledge and experience of good and unhealthy relationships.

Show them how to report any worrying behaviour they see online – for example through Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command or the Internet Watch Foundation.

We can help prepare children for their futures if we help them go online safely and responsibly.

Reporting Online Safety Concerns

What to do if you're worried about something a child or young person has experienced online.



It may be that you, or your child, come across something upsetting or concerning online. It is important that you feel confident about what to do if you do see something inappropriate online, or if your child tells you they’ve seen something.


If you're worried about something a child or young person may have experienced online, you can contact the NSPCC Helpline for free support and advice. If your child needs more support, they can contact Childline.


The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP) helps keep children safe from online grooming. CEOP is part of the police service and sits within the National Crime Agency. If you suspect an adult is communicating with a child inappropriately, or a child is being sexually abused online, you should report this to the CEOP.


If you need support please do not hesitate to speak to a member of school staff.

E-Safety for parents/carers - Inappropriate Content (Animation)

An animated introduction exploring the risks of children coming across inappropriate content online and how to help manage what children access on line.

E-Safety Tips for Parents: 6-10 years old

Safety on the internet matters. This fun, interactive, stop motion animated video has useful advice and tips for parents of 6-10s so that you can help them to stay safe online.

Additional Online Safety Guides and Information for Parents and Carers

The following links offer guidance and practical tips to help you keep your children safe online.

Links on our school website

To see our school's E-Safety Policy please check out our school's Policies page.