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Good Morning Nursery, it's Friday so here are our final topic activities for you to have a go at.

Next week we will be thinking about our time in Nursery, moving on to Reception and Summer!

Remember to pop and look at the learning galleries to see what your friends have been doing in and out of school!

Friday is the day we practice writing our name! Remember you can do this however you like, you don't have to stick to a pen and paper. Try one of the ideas below or come up with some creative ways of your own! Once you have sorted your first name, try your surname or the names of people that are special to you.

For today's Maths activities choose another idea from Wednesday's challenge sheet to practise your describing position words.


If you have time, have a go at the game below to practise counting and recognising numbers.

Our last school activity is exploring tortoise shells. We had a lot of fun doing this in Nursery last year!

Look at patterns on the tortoise shells below.

What shapes, patterns and colours can you see?

Use the templates below to create your own tortoise shell, or make your own.

Think carefully about the colours you are going to use and the patterns you have seen on the real tortoise shells.

You could use paints and brushes or cotton buds, do some finger painting or cut and stick shapes on to recreate a shell.

Have a lovely day and a super weekend!

from Mrs Hempstead and the Nursery Team