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Wednesday 1st July

Wednesday 1st July 2020


Good morning everyone.


We hope you have been enjoying the sporting challenges this week. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting active around school and hearing how other bubbles have been doing.


Here are today’s challenges :-


Numeracy challenge : making 11

Introduce the concept of 10 and then make 10 practically in lots of different ways and keep these safe for the next part of the activity.

Now introduce the concept of 11 as 10 and 1 more. Practically make 11 using the different ways from 10 above and then add 1 more to make 11.


Literacy challenge : letter shapes

Can you make letter shapes by moving your body eg like making YMCA with your arms. Perhaps you could make the letters of your name and send us a picture of each letter you make. Or you might be able to make some words with letter shapes. I wonder if we would be able to guess the words from the letter shapes? We can’t wait to see your pictures of this.


Topic challenge : hopping challenge

First practise hopping one foot. Once you are confident and while you are hopping steadily, segment and blend simple cvc words which your adult gives you eg h-o-p, d-o-g. If you think you can manage any longer words, then hop away!


Have lots of fun with your challenges!


Reception Team 😃