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IPEELL: Developing writing strategies with self-regulation

Stage 1: Why write?

¨ Discuss why writing in a particular genre is important

¨ Set a cold task by asking the pupils to write on a given topic


Stage 2: Discuss it

¨ Read a model text in the same genre

¨ Analyse in terms of purpose, structure and language features

¨ Introduce the mnemonics PAT and IPEELL and link to the model text

¨ Introduce a writing organiser / planning frame

¨ Create a mark scheme from the features

¨ Discuss positive attitudes towards writing


Stage 3: Model it

¨ Model positive self-talk

¨ Model planning and writing using IPEELL and the mark scheme

¨ Score the model report using IPEELL

¨ Model goal-setting based on the scoring

¨ Score the cold task using the mark scheme

¨ Introduce graphing of scores

¨ Pupils graph their scores and set goals

¨ Pupils write a further piece and score it using the mark scheme


Stage 4: Memorise it

¨ Use different activities to help pupils memorise IPEELL


Stage 5: Support it

¨ Model writing using a self-instruction plan checklist

¨ Pupils produce their own self-instruction plan checklist

¨ Fade and eventually remove the planning frames

¨ Extend writing by providing more detailed models and more detailed scoring

¨ Introduce peer review and scoring

¨ Refine goal setting

¨ Keep going until the strategy is embedded


Stage 6: Independent practice

¨ Pupils write independently