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Monday 29th June

Good morning everyone,


We hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning challenges. We have loved looking at all your amazing minibeast pictures and videos shared through Tapestry. Please keep up your amazing work.


We are very excited to welcome back today a new bubble into Reception and look forward to seeing you all.


Last week we discussed different habitats where minibeasts might live. It was great to get out in the warm sunshine and look for different minibeast homes. The children thoroughly enjoyed it.


This week we are focusing on sporting activities for our Sports Week. Everyone in school and at home is invited to join in with Sports Week via the links found on the previous pages. When you join in, all you need to do is take part in a challenge and then update your scores on the online form. You can also upload any photographs through Tapestry or on the school Padlet.


If you would like to do any extra sporting challenges, then please feel free to check out the Reception Topic Web as well for more ideas to use throughout the week. Make sure you try one of SFH Sports Week Challenges as well. Please remember to share any pictures as we would love to see how you get on!


Here are your Home Learning Challenges for Monday 29th June.


Numeracy : Counting on from No.11

This week we are learning about the number 11. This number is bigger than 10. Ask your child if they know how to make 11? Show them different ways to make 11. You could count 11 story books, draw 11 circles, count 11 teddies in a line etc. Then watch the numberblocks episode about number 11. Here is the link :-


If your child is confident, then practise counting on from 11. You will need a dice or number cards 1-9 for this challenge.  Ask your child to roll a dice or pick a number card and say which number they are adding on. Then ask them to put 11 in their head and keep it there safe and then count on the number they rolled or picked (e.g. 11 + 5 on a dice = 16). Keep practising this until your child understands that they are counting on from 11 and not 1. Once they are confident doing this, try doing the same thing but this time taking away from 11 instead.


Literacy challenge: Labelling picture

Ask your child what their favourite sport is and why. Then ask them to draw and label a picture of this. Think about the other people in your family and whether any of them enjoy doing a different sport to you. Maybe you could draw and label a picture for them. 


Topic challenge: Sports Practise

Together practise your child’s favourite sport. If it is running, you could time each other running around the garden or in the park. If it is football, you could see how many goals you could score in 5 minutes. 


Just make sure you have lots of fun this week and share all your pictures/videos with us so we can show your friends here in school.


Stay safe and healthy everyone

Reception Team