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Sir Francis Hill Community Primary School

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Learning environment improvements

Photographing our school values

As part of our learning environment development, we are improving the overall look of the school, both inside and out. The intention is to make everyone aware of the school values and to give the children the opportunity to become immersed in their learning. Each of the school values will have their own area within school in which they can be promoted and celebrated through quotes, photographs and interactive elements to encourage and motivate every one of our pupils.

Each month we will be asking for support, resources and suggestions to help us in our endeavour. If you are able to help or let us know of where we can get resources or materials, please contact Miss Eacott.


Initially we need some materials, resources and contacts.

These include:

  • Wooden sheets/planks (about 5mm thick)
  • Paint
  • Coloured wool
  • Lightbulbs/ fairy lights/ strip lights
  • Tepee/camping tent (large)
  • Park bench/ picnic bench
  • Logs (to make seats)
  • Fake leaves/vines
  • Large pebbles/ small rounded rocks
  • Topiary
  • Old hard back books (plain, thick spine)
  • Historic photos/ stories about the school


There will be monthly updates with pictures and ideas for the next stage of the project, so keep posted.


Thank you for any help you can give!